• Exhibition of furniture and objects
  • Restoration and conservation techniques, ancient and with natural products
  • We work with all the styles: old, classic, rustic, retro (backward) and old
  • The restoration process will be conditioned to the analysis of the furniture, while respecting its origin and style

    1. Unmounting and listing
    2. Pickled or wash according to the style
    3. Consolidate the structure of the piece (putty, glue wash blows i)
    4. Carpentry: the parts and the missing marquetry are replaced
    5. Disinsecting worms with products non-toxic to the environment
    6. Varnishing to "muñequilla" or heads of cotton with rubber-Lac (depending on style), waxed with beeswax, allowing the wood to breathe and giving another touch, showing the colors of the veins and original wood
    7. Cover the holes with hard wax and dyeing with natural dyes (dyes or nogalina)
    8. Make keys and locks review

Before & After

Clic on the images to see the result of the restoration process
  • This whole process can easily fix any problem that may occur over time without having to do a complete restoration later.

Auxiliary furniture

Catalan pine table

Pine desk

Modernist oak desk

Sewing machine

Mahogany phonograph


Modernist chair

Bedside table Art Déco style

Drawers and desk empire style

Oak desk

Lacquered dolls closet

Glass cabinet for the saints made of "chicaranda" Elizabethan style

Ebonized mahogany drawer

Elizabethan style drawer made of "chicaranda" and zinc marquetry